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Fees & Services
Shiatsu - Eclectic - $70 - 60 to 75 minutes whole body shiatsu massage incorporating other bodywork techniques

Traditional - $70 - 60 to 75 minute whole body with meridian work 

i Gong Energy Enhancement - $75
- 60 minutes  

Shiatsu Short Stack
- $35 - 30 minutes - Four areas that get the most use, and abuse, are addressed in 30 minute sessions using a variety of tsubos (acupressure points) and massage techniques. Can be combined with other "Short Stack" offerings or with a full body shiatsu massage.

#1 TOOTSIE TUNE UP - First an invigorating rub with witch hazel is applied.  Then using a coconut based ointment applied to the soles and tops of the feet, reflexology areas are combined with acupressure points to loosen joints, reduce fatigue, increase blood flow and detox both the plantar and top surface.  

#2 FACE ALERT - Not only will this massage brighten your perception, but it will also brighten your skin. Using acupressure points on the face and neck, this massage decreases puffiness and redness, and brightens skin tone. it can aid concentration, vision, and hearing by reducing inflammation and swelling in the sinuses, and gives a sense of being more awake and alert.

#3 BACK DECOMPRESSOR - As we go through the day, gravity pulls us downward causing pressure on the spine, vertebrae, and hips. Many of the tasks we perform, such as using computers or driving our cars, requires us to keep our head and neck immobile, tightening and locking the muscles. Tight spinal muscles can affect everything from the way we walk to the way we talk. The back should decompress while sleeping, but due to stressful lifestyles, this lengthening and relaxing does not happen as it should. Lying face down, points along the spine, back of the head and sacrum are worked through a variety of hand techniques allowing the muscles along the spine to relax and stretch. As the muscles relax and lengthen, circulation is restored to and in between the vertebra, and inflammation and pain are greatly reduced.

#4 HARA DANCE - In Japanese massage, the HARA is the area in the front torso between the ribs and the pelvis. Points within this area refer to the organs lying beneath. Various hand techniques are used to stimulate, relax and encourage the flow of blood and lymph to and out of the organs including the stomach, liver, pancreas, and intestines. This particular massage can help to aid digestion and elimination.

Package - Buy 5 Get 1 - Buy 5 sessions of the same type of bodywork, get 1 session free. (Must pay for all at once.)

Package - Buy 3 Get 1 for Half - Buy 3 sessions of the same type of bodywork, get 1 session half price. (Must pay for all at once.)

Seated Chair Massage - $150 per hour plus $25 dollar mileage/set up fee

Shiatsu Lecture/Demo - free

Basic intro to Traditional Chinese Medical Theory Lecture/Demo - free 

- Refer three (3) new full paying clients, get one free massage 

*Love to do Gift Certificates!

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